Livinroof conservatory
1 March 2021
Flatrooflight skylight window
1 March 2021



Whether installed on a new build extension, orangery, or inserted into an existing flat roof, an UltraSky rooflight is the perfect solution when you want to add feeling of space and natural light to any type of property.

UltraSky has been designed around offering maximum uninterrupted sight lines – bar numbers are reduced and the ridge board and hub ends are as unobtrusive as possible. Enhanced thermal performance makes it ideal for use in domestic properties.

Our highly thermally efficient glazing options will help reduce heat loss and noise pollution, whilst letting the desired amount of light into the room. By utilising a unit with a 1.1 U value on a standard 1m x 2m rooflight you can achieve an impressive 1.4 W/m2K.

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